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February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

but a last minute add to my homage to Kate Spade.

It’s no secret I also have a love for our fabulous first lady. I think she’s pretty awesome. And her style is no exception. She effortlessly matches designer goods with ready-to-wear from J Crew and other clothes real people can buy!


Sorry for the horrible screen shot, but how adorable is she? And how Kate Spade-y does she look? I love the black-and-white polkas (from H&M no less) and the mix of red and sunny yellow accessories.


PS – I promise this will be my last Kate Spade post. Ok, I can’t promise that forever. But for now. It’s a deal.


oh the places we’ll go

December 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

As Christmas is winding down and before we get to the new year celebrations (go bearcats!), we’ve had some time to think about early plans. It appears as if we are definitely going ahead with the late October date, despite worries about it being too short of a time to plan.

Have no fear!

Yesterday morning I spent awhile going through a planning timeline I found in the Real Simple wedding issue (gorgeous design by the way). I converted their time line into a month-by-month goal list for E and I to follow. Though it is a bit daunting (not to mention we need to find a place to live at the same time!) I think it is manageable now that we have a guide. January is a pretty easy month, mostly just finalizing bridal party selections and beginning guest lists and establishing what ind of look and feel you want. Can’t you tell that last part is the designer’s paradise?

There is one important job we have to take care of this month.


That’s the hard one, isn’t it. So many variables. Outside. Inside. Church. Traditional. Casual. Contracted vendors. Costs.

Location, location, location.

At this point, we have two contenders for the ceremony and reception locales in Cincinnati. Both will do both the ceremony and reception (either inside or outside should the weather cooperate) and both are local landmarks. Neither are what one would call traditional, though both are breathtaking and will require little to no extra decorating. After meetings this week and next, hopefully we’ll have a better idea and I won’t feel so overwhelmed by all the decision factors currently running marathons over and over again in my brain.

Of course I’ve started to think about all things design and I’m thinking a cute design theme would be to use initials everywhere, like invitations with “kt + e” really prominent. And some nice floral or vine-y illustrations. Thoughts?


hi all!

December 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Welcome to Katie and Eric’s wedding blog. I have some big plans for this baby!

I thought this would be a great way for us to chronicle our months before the big day, as well as serve as a planning tool. Eventually registries and and event details and all that fun stuff will be here; kind of a one-stop shop for any and all who will be joining us in our celebration.

My hope is that both Eric and I will contribute as authors so we can both lend our insights and opinions and complaints and stories, giving everyone else (and each other) some laughs along the way. Look around, stay while!


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