kt + e diy: the bathroom reveal

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Finally! It seems we’re not only lazy with the actual reno process…I’m lazy with posting too. Sorry!

It is incredibly difficult to take pics in a bathroom. Such a small space…Also, this color is impossible. The picture above is the closest to real life. The wall color is really a coral-orange, but is reading more red in these photos and I don’t want to spend hours in Photoshop color correcting. C’est la vie.

The first step in this process was putting up the chair rail. This was intimidating on so many levels, but it is totally do-able. As long as you have a miter saw and a trusty level, anyone can do it. Caulk covers a lot of mistakes. Trust me. Besides painting and hanging everything on the walls, the only other real projects were installing the new faucet (see below) and the hardware on the vanity cabinet. When we moved into our house, none of the cabinets had hardware. Kitchen? No. Bathrooms? No. So strange to me. It’s the jewelry of a room. But I’d rather have to put up new than replace something nasty.

But I digress. I found this very difficult, but it’s probably because I didn’t really follow a process and ended up trying to put the drawer fronts on the wrong drawers…the installation of hardware itself is actually quite simple once you do the math. Yay math! #ilovesarcasm

The new light is an outdoor lantern and has a cute, cottage-y feel, which goes along with the mix of modern and vintage in the room. Outdoor lights are surprisingly much less expensive than interior light fixtures, Who would have thought? The mirror is an antique that my mom and I found YEARS ago and never did anything with. The actual mirror needs to be replaced, but that is something we can tackle in a few months when renovation funds rebuild. I really love the unique shape of the mirror and think it is so whimsical hung with the modern floating shelves.

I have been obsessed with the idea of a small stool with a wire basket and rolled up towels for what seems like forever. It is perfect for the small space and adds a little bit of storage that this bathroom desperately needed. On the wall above are two hooks so guests can hang their towels up to dry. I love this option because it took up less space and used the height of the wall better than a standard towel bar. Plus, hanging a towel on a hook is way easier than folding it over a towel bar. I mentioned we were lazy right?

All of the soaps and canisters and decorations on the shelves are from Home Goods, a great store to spend hours of time and hundreds of dollars. Seriously, it’s like Target. Try to get out of there for under $100.

The new faucet is adorable, but unless you know someone with plumbing skills (like my awesome dad!) this is a nightmare. It was sort of a nightmare even with someone with skills. The only saving grace is that it really looks beautiful and that makes the days – yes, days – of work worth it. The “hot” and “cold” written on the handles just kill me.

All in all, I am so pleased with how this room turned out. It is exactly how I pictured it, which hasn’t happened in any of the other rooms we’ve worked on. It is also the most complete of any room in the house, so maybe that’s why. The work was most definitely worth it and it really brings a smile to my face every time I walk past the door.

I’m not sure what we’ll tackle next…probably the lower level. I think we both need a break and doing this room next will give us time to recover, plan, and save money. This was a relatively cheap and easy cosmetic makeover. The lower level will not be. Also, our yard is going to need some serious work this summer (I think we have to paint the deck…ugh). Who knows, maybe we’ll win the lottery and I can redo all the things!


bathroom sneak peek

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This bathroom reno is taking forever, A 30 minute HGTV makeover this is not. The extended timeline comes down to two factors: 1) we are not handy and 2) we only are making time to do things on the weekend. We are so unmotivated to work on this room during the week. Laziness? Maybe. Ok, probably. It’s sort of our MO when it comes to household chores and projects…

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek. I hope to have more to share with you after this weekend!

Pretty drastic, non?

kt + e diy: surprise!

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While taking down the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, look what we found!

Shudder. Any guesses on the decade this is from?

I just love that they took down the wallpaper all around the mirror. Who knows what will be behind the light!

kt + e diy: bathroom before

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This weekend E and I have begun a remodel of our horrid hall bathroom. While this is a supposedly quick fix (meaning we’re not touching the floors or tile or vanity…those are, uh, a little out of budget currently) it seems to be taking forever already.

Backing up, I will explain how horrible this room was. It was just so bad. Sure it was functional and clean (once we replaced the nasty cushioned toilet seat,) but it was so plain and full of stock materials. Example A:

Stock vanity with no hardware, gross stained faucet, poorly painted white walls, curved medicine cabinet and coordinating light fixture…seriously? Someone thought it was a good idea to make that?!? In addition, the attempts at details were either ugly or in disrepair. Example B:

Brass and chrome? Ugh.

So we’re redoing it. We started by putting up some chair rail. Or attempting to. We’re not very good at being handy. Next comes tearing everything off the walls and painting. I am most excited about this step. We’re pretty big risk takers when it comes to painting. Our living room and dining room are bright turquoise! So it should be no surprise that we’re going big in this makeover. Examples:

Stay tuned!


December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is totally normal to go home from work on a Tuesday night, blare Christmas music, make peppermint bark in your pajamas, and end the kitchen endeavors with your first attempt at meatballs. All while dancing.

Thank God we got those blinds.


April 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Eric and I have an announcement!

For the past few weeks, we’ve put wedding planning on hold (except for the engagement outing) because … we’ve been looking at houses!

And we found one!

chez nous

ignore the pick up truck. it was the inspector's.

Never a couple to pass on $8,000, we started looking as soon as we knew we’d be ok financially to do so. We had discussed renting for awhile, but we just felt that if we’re going to be paying to live somewhere, we should be paying our own mortgage, not someone else’s. And sorry Mom and Dad, but it’s time. It’s a super cute bi-level in a great neighborhood in Anderson. 3 bed, 2 bath, you know the deal. Pretty awesome starter home. Here’s a virtual tour (minus a few bedrooms, a bath, and the family room that walks out to the deck). Sorry it’s incomplete, my camera’s battery died a quick, painless death.


living room

dining room. sorry for the blur

kitchen. duh.

master bedroom. bored of my captions yet?

master bath

backyard. where will my veggie garden grow?

party anyone?


So despite the desperate need of COLOR and style, it’s a great house with minimal work that needs to be done. The rest is only what my designer brain can dream up. Trust me, the construction and design projects this summer will be so. much. fun. Volunteers?

There may even be a google document that lists room by room what I want to do … may be.

We close on May 26th!!!


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