radio silence

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So. It’s almost been a year since I’ve blogged. That’s pretty much the worst. I will try to explain myself, but excuses are excuses are excuses and I still could have done better. If you’ve stuck with me, thanks and I’m sorry a million times over. Follow along and after I explain myself, I’ll let you know what I’m up to now.

Here we go.

1. We stopped doing stuff to the house.
This reason is pretty legit, if I do say so myself. After we finished the bathroom, we really just didn’t have the funds to do any sort of renos. Sure, we bought couches for the lower level (a recovering project for the future!) and a new entertainment system for the living room. And don’t even get me started on all the speakers that have been inserted into my life. Being married to an audiophile is a blessing and a curse.

So all that being said, I didn’t have anything to tell all of you out there. Not even any inspiration boards! I’m shaking my head at myself.

2. I had a crazy 2012 when it came to my career.
I started 2012 deeply unhappy in the job I was in. Sure, I was designing. But the office environment and politics were abysmal and I was constantly stressed and upset. Enter March when I said au revoir and started a new position with another start up. This job I really loved, but it was essentially blogging all day long. Which was great and I learned so much and made wonderful friends! But it left me no time or desire to blog even more. Couple that with reason one, and well, you get silence.

I have since left that position for a design position for the library and while I am so happy, I miss writing and thankfully I now have the time (and desire) to write again. Three jobs in one year? Told you it was a crazy year.

3. I didn’t know what I wanted to say.
I love reading other blogs, but when you’re just starting out as a blogger, it’s a little intimidating. They’re so great and you want to do this and this and this and say all the things! I’m not gonna lie, this scared me a little and I lost my voice.

Which brings me to what I’m doing now.

In the few years that I’ve (intermittently) kept this blog, I’ve been the only one who’s written, even though it clearly says “adventures of kt AND e.” Also, it started as our wedding website for goodness sakes! No one cares anymore about when we went to go try cake! In other words, I’ve outgrown this happy little home and think it’s time to move it on up.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to shut this site down completely, but I’m sad to say, I will no longer be writing here. Instead, you can find me writing about design and our house and books and music and everything else over at Nerdy Girl Writes. I’m soooo excited to get started! You can read a shortened version of this post here to really get the gist of what I’m really going to be up to.

I hope that you will join me in my new adventure and excuse my silence these last few months. I am truly sorry and I’m not going to let it happen again (the fact that I paid for this new site should help with that…).

See ya soon!



happy new year!

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Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great end to 2011 and is looking forward to a joyful and love-filled 2012.

E and I started our night at Music Hall to see E’s dad play with the CSO. Every year they do a concert and special gala and since I started listening to the classical station in the car (short story: I hate all of Cincinnati’s radio stations, thus I listen to classical because there are no commercials and occasionally I learn something about animals from the ’90 second naturalist’ segment’) I knew all about the concert, but never thought E would go. But it was so fun! They played a few pieces from operas and operettas (not my favorite) and ended with several jazz numbers (my favorite). I think we saw E’s dad play in about two of the songs. I guess it was an easy gig!

Music Hall is so pretty and it was a nice date. Even nicer was the people watching. Whoa. Because of the gala, you can see people in anything and everything. Fur. Ball gowns. Tuxes. We were nowhere that dressed up, but maybe someday. What girl doesn’t want an excuse to get all dolled up?

We then went to a friend’s party and proceeded to have too much food and drink…per usual for new years! Needless to say, today has been laaaaazy. The only time we’ve been out of the house was when I took Nico on a walk. It’s been like a mini vacation for a day.

As for 2012 resolutions? Last year I made a whole list of goals that never really were achieved except for saving money and keeping the house cleaner. This year, instead of trying to force things to happen, I want to relax and focus on creating balance in all parts of our life.

That pretty much sums it up completely. I want more out of 2012. Happy New Year!

kt + e’s cincinnati: enoteca emilia

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A few weeks ago my mom-in-law, sister-in-law, and future sister-in-law and I decided we needed a girls’ night out before the arrival of sister-in-law #1’s third baby. Food? Wine? Good conversation? I’m always in. And look, you can’t even see Baby Hank:

So last night we headed to a new restaurant in O’Bryonville called Enoteca Emilia. This place is really great! The atmosphere felt very cozy, but with fun modern details like graphic wallpaper mixed with brick walls and white wood plank ceilings. There’s a large bar that runs though two rooms and offers plenty of seating while you wait for a table. Now that they take reservations, I would definitely make them. We waited about 30 minutes on a Wednesday night!

Though maybe a bit expensive, the food was very yummy! We tried a Whipped Ricotta appetizer that was sinful. It was like melty cheese butter. The salads were perfectly sized to split between two people, and the one we tried (Prosciutto) was fresh and light with pomegranate seeds and a fig vinaigrette. Yum! I love pomegranate! Well and prosciutto…the best of all the salty meats. But I digress!

For an entree, I tried the Garganelli, which is a large tube pasta. Think really large hand-made penne. It had a mushroom and truffle buttery sauce. Need I say more? I believe we found the reason my pants are tight today! The truffle flavor was decadent. I wish I could eat it every day for dinner. But then my pants would never fit. DILEMMA! None of us had room for dessert, but they have profiteroles (fried ricotta fritters) that sound pretty awesome. When I go back, I will for sure save room.

Or unbutton those pants we were talking about. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of dessert.

I highly recommend Enoteca Emilia for fun girls’ dinners or a fancy date night. I plan on taking E back soon. Like maybe tomorrow?

Click here for their website!

vegas baby!

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Whew, I’m finally getting around to recapping our big Vegas weekend!

A few weekends ago, E surprised me with a much needed mini-vacation. In fact, he didn’t even tell me where we were going until a week or so before we left! He knew how much I love Cirque de Soleil and the Beatles, so he orchestrated this whole trip around seeing Beatles LOVE at the Mirage! The trip was truly a blast and we loved taking in the sights and the sun with Chris and Meredith.

The first of three days we were there was spent in the sun. Yes, pretty much the whole day. Cue the *whomp whomp* and bring on the aloe. I don’t think I’ve ever been that burned. That’s what you get when you’re already a few mojitos in at noon I guess!

That night we had a great dinner at Bouchon in the Venetian. The chef is Thomas Keller of the French Laundry and it was truly yummy French food. I’ve never had chicken cooked as perfectly as we did there. And after dinner, the show began!

LOVE was really wonderful and unlike any of the other Cirque shows I’ve seen. While it was shorter and had fewer of the more “cirque-y” acts like the crazy people who stand on each others heads, the music told a story that was captivating and real. The songs were mixed together so while you may have been ostensibly listening to “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,” you also heard “Helter Skelter’s” discordant chaos and beats of “I Want You.” I believe there may have also been a few songs we thought would have been enhanced by some of the substances they enjoyed. Can’t confirm or deny. Highlights for me included the “Something” and “Here Comes the Sun” numbers…they were simply breathtaking and moving.

After the show we headed to the Cosmopolitan, Vegas’ newest casino and hotel. The interior is a designer’s dream. It boasts a huge collection of modern art and contemporary art installations, as well as beautifully designed bars. We hung out at Vesper and I wanted every single piece of furniture for my house. Not surprising; it was gray and yellow. One of the other spaces was built around a giant chandelier and housed a bar around it, in it, and over it. We also hit the casino floor, but at $50 Blackjack tables, we didn’t stay long…

Saturday was pretty much full of shopping because none of us could even imagine exposing our skin to the sun. Trying on clothes was excruciating enough. I am actually really proud of E, my horrible tightwad of a husband. For someone who really hates to buy clothes, and hasn’t for over a year, he bought basically a whole new wardrobe! I also bought quite a few pieces for myself…

Dinner this night was our sort of “main event” for the weekend. We headed over to the Palms for dinner at N9ne Steakhouse. I honestly think this was the best dining experience of my life. The food was incredible and the wine pairing was perfection and everything was divine. Scallops, lobster, homemade gnocchi, lamb, filet…oh my! Not to mention champagne with strawberry ice cubes and flourless chocolate cake…

Oh, and we met Troy Polamalu. And I embarrassed myself by asking one of the richest men in Vegas (the OWNER OF THE PALMS) to take our picture. No biggie. Troy is very nice and polite holds doors for strangers. Just in case you wanted to know.

Please ignore my scariness in that last picture.

Anyway, After dinner we went up to the Playboy Club and the nightclub basically on the roof called Rain. The Playboy Club was actually much more fun than I expected and we spent about 20 minutes gambling away our budget for the night. Seriously, it goes fast. I did feel really cool there though. I kinda was hoping Holly, Bridget and Kendra would show up…but I guess they’re kinda out of the bunny loop now. Rain was also pretty fun, great dancing and the outdoor area looks out to the strip and is really beautiful all lit up.

Our last day was spent sort of in recovery…sleeping in was necessary! We went over to Old Vegas for lunch and to gamble a bit in the casinos where you don’t lose so much so quickly. $5 bets go further than $25 for sure. But alas, no winners for us. We rounded out the trip with a great dinner at the Paris-they have a great restaurant that has an outdoor area just like the cafes on the street of Paris.

Luckily, we got the prime table and watched the Bellagio fountains for a few hours. There was also some French onion soup. And chocolate mousse. It was the perfect end to a great trip!

kt + e’s cincinnati: lunken bike trail

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It’s no secret E and I like to ride our bikes. A lot. I mean, we’re planning several 100-mile rides this summer. You don’t do that unless you are crazy dedicated. Or just plain crazy.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up one day and ride 100 miles without some pretty serious consequences. Aka, soreness. In some bad places. One really has to train for such an endeavor, putting in at least an hour long ride after work a few days a week and then some long distance rides on the weekends. Cincinnati is not a great place for cyclists. We’re not like Portland or parts of North Carolina where you can ride easily to and from work or to the store. It’s especially difficult if you are afraid of riding on the road. You know, with cars.

I am afraid.

So we end up doing all of our rides on the Little Miami Bike Trail, which is awesome since you can ride from Newtown (about a 10 minute drive from our house) all the way up to Xenia (65 miles on the trail). But, it is boring. You are in the woods. The whole time pretty much. Flat trail and woods is pretty much all you see. Well, and people who don’t know how to ride their bikes or like to walk in huge groups crowding the trail or like to stop in the middle…but that’s a post for another day. After awhile, I just need something different.

Yesterday I brought my bike to work, which is conveniently enough, down the street from Lunken Airport and its surrounding trail. It’s 5 miles around, which I figured meant I could go around 3 times and with the distance to and from my office would be an hour’s ride. Well. Parts were flooded. People let their dogs run free. There are very skinny parts. And bumpy parts.

And I had to go on the road. The horror! I think two cars passed me.

Trust me, I was not bored.

But I was not happy.

This trail is awesome for running. It’s mostly flat and has different views on the way around. But it is too crowded for cycling if you want to maintain any kind of speed. A leisurely ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Awesome. An athletic training ride? Not so.

Maybe I had a bad experience. Maybe you will tell me that you used to ride there all the time and thought it was great and wonderful and the most perfect bike trail in the world. Maybe I will try again.

But probably not. Guess I’m going back to boring for awhile!

11 for 11: january update

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know it’s not the end of the month yet, but humor me.

Goal progress this month:

#1: We have been really good at not spending a ton of money this month. Which is a good thing, since we were on a spending freeze. And is a bad thing, since I really want this little bottle of sunshine. Not sure that we’ll continue the “freeze” into February, but we will be more careful about what we buy and why we are buying it. The only big expenses I’m anticipating (but who knows when something in our house will die) are birthday gifts for e, my sister, and our niece. We are also going to paint and finish our bedroom in the month ahead, which could add up.

This exercise has helped us to think about whether or not we really need everything we think about buying (newsflash: we don’t) and I’ve already noticed some ways I can spend a little bit less here and there at the grocery and through our other monthly maintenance costs. We will track spending this month (through hand-dandy and see what we’re doing well and doing not-so-well in a typical month.

#2: Umm…I started to read a challenging book. But then switch to rereading the Millenium Trilogy books. What can I say, I really like Lisbeth and Blomkvist.

Items 3 & 4 haven’t been touched…

#5: I imagined my office design here.

Items 6 – 9: See above.

#10: I have begun a Goodwill pile and am slowly adding to it. I think I will do my first trip of the year in February.

#11: We successfully deep-cleaned our house for the first of 12 times. It felt good. We felt a little bit more like adults after. And my mommy wasn’t grossed out as much. A good thing all around.

January was a good start to the year. It went fast, non?

11 for 2011

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I like resolutions. I really do. There is something about the start of a new year that brings hope and a promise of potential. Even if I never keep my resolutions, I like them. E doesn’t like them. His resolution is “to never set resolutions.” So far he’s keeping it well.

This year, I thought I would make a list of goals, some of them for me and some of them for the both of us. 2010 was a pretty good year for us, and I want to make sure this year is just as fun and productive. It’s time to be bold!

  1. Get control of our finances.
    This one is a toughie for me us. 2010 was rough on our finances and we have debt where we didn’t have debt before. It’s scary and neither of us like it, but I’m glad it’s out there. Now we’ve said it, and we can start moving forward. Some action steps: Freeze unnecessary spending in January (only bills and essentials), Track spending for a few months to notice patterns and places we can save, Pay our debt off by the end of the year, Save save save, and research/start investing. This is one goal I don’t like, but it has to happen. I already miss shopping.
  2. Read 12 books that challenge me.
    It is no secret that I love to read. I really, really love it. I would rather read all day on the couch than watch tv, much to the chagrin of e. But, I read books that aren’t necessarily challenging me in any way. It is pure entertainment. I will read one book a month that is not contemporary fiction and write a review of said book here.
  3. Take cooking classes.
    This is a fun one for us! Neither of us can cook really well so we end up having the same things over and over again, week after week. It’s boring. Hopefully, taking some classes will help us branch out and feel comfortable using our cookbooks on a regular basis.
  4. Get involved with a charity on a regular and committed basis.
    Not sure which one yet, but this one’s pretty straightforward.
  5. Finish the home office so we have a place to devote to work.
    This one is also a no-brainer. We’d like to have a place that can function for us if we decide to go back to school or work from home. The couch (our option right now) will not suffice. Also, we need a file cabinet. Desperately.
  6. Paint something to hang on the wall.
    I’m not the greatest of fine artists, but I miss having a creative outlet other than my work. It would be nice to have something special to show off! Have you seen David Bromstad’s work? It’s gorgeous and exactly what I am envisioning. Graphic, colorful, fun.
  7. Document our life together on the blog and through photography.
    E and I both love photography, but lack the tools to learn more about it and enjoy it. I’ve taken classes before, but besides my point-and-shoot, haven’t worked with cameras in years. Hopefully this blog can be an outlet for us to preserve our memories in words and photos.
  8. Participate in NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month.
    This one is kind of a fun challenge, just like #6. It’s purely a creative outlet. Although this isn’t until November, I want to start building an outline, characterization,  and all of that throughout the year. Who knows? If it’s good it might lead me somewhere! Here’s more info.
  9. Run a half marathon and ride a century.
    My original goal was to run another full marathon, but I am going to be frank-I just don’t want to. It’s too much time to train and too much stress on my body. I have injured myself both times I’ve attempted to run a full and I just can’t do it again. Especially since I don’t want to do it alone. Sorry Betsy! So this year my athletic goals are a bit smaller. I will run the Flying Pig half (will be my fifth half marathon) in early May and ride a century (100 miles) with e, probably late summer. These of course will still be quite difficult as I am nowhere near in fighting shape! Just ask E how our bike ride went this past weekend. Hint: It wasn’t pretty. Guess I better get running!
  10. Purge my closet and donate clothes I don’t wear.
    Sadly, this one is a kt-only goal. Self-explanatory. This also applies to the other closets in the house. How we have junk cluttering our lives after less than a year in our house, I will never know.
  11. Deep clean our house once a month.
    I know this may gross some of you out. Once a month you say? That’s not enough! Sad to say, it will be more than we did in 2010. I know! I threw up a little in my mouth too! Once a month we will: vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, bleach the kitchen, mop, all of that. Of course we will also do mini-cleaning throughout the month. How gross are we? (My secret hope is that e will read this and magically create a goal where he puts all his dirty clothes in the hamper everyday and hangs up everything else! The power of positive thinking!)
  12. The extra one! Create a new holiday tradition.
    Living near our entire families is awesome. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But it does mean that during the holidays we kinda rush from house to house and don’t plan anything for the two of us. This year I hope we can do something special. Maybe we’ll start hosting an egg nog cocktail party. Maybe it’s as simple as going to Fesitval of Lights to remember where we were engaged. Who knows. It’s a long time from now!

So there’s the list. I hope I didn’t lose you in there!


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