Oh the details. It’s every designer’s dream and nightmare. When you know you can do anything (and probably make it yourself easily thanks to all those years of art school) how do you decide what to do? There were times in planning that all I wanted to do was look at inspiration and talk about the decor and the invites and my jewelry and centerpieces. And then there were times I just dreaded it and found myself overwhelmed.

Luckily, I think the end result turned out lovely.

We wanted the so-called “theme” of the wedding to be elegant fall whimsy. It had to have some elements of fall, but not look like we moved a barn into the art museum. It had to have some of our personality, but nothing could be too casual in such a grand setting. We achieved the balance through the whimsical mix. Pumpkins layered with dahlias. Tables numbered by Halloween characters and centered with glowing candles and lanterns. Bright patterns mixed with simple typography on the stationery. And of course, a little touch of owls.

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