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April 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s almost been a year since we bought our house. Craziness!!!

We worked really hard all last summer to make the house more ours, but when wedding planning kicked in full force in October we really lost steam and it was a few months before we could muster up the energy to work on fixing the house again.

The first project we tackled in 2011 was our bedroom. It was nasty. The same boring beige as the rest of the house was before we painted the teal and gray in the living room, dining room, and hallway. I don’t have any before pics with our stuff in it, but here’s what it was when we bought the house.

clearly not our stuff.

I don’t have any pics of the new blinds in that room, but they are now gorgeous dark wood plantation blinds that match the dark stain of all of our furniture. So pretty. We painted the walls a nice middle gray color and after deliberation took out the closet doors (that you can’t see in that pic). They were ugly and cheap and didn’t really work right. Not to mention that with sliding doors, you can only get into half of the closet at a time.

So we were left with a closet without doors. What to do? Young House Love to the rescue! We decided to add in a curtain to soften up the space and add a pop of pattern into the room. The color scheme of the room is now gray, white, black and yellow, as seen here in the final pics of the curtains (sorry for the phone pics. All I had.)

Like I said, please excuse picture quality. I love the round, black-and-white pattern. It looks so wrought iron-esque. Our duvet, which I don’t have pics of sadly, is similar to the lamp — mostly black with a few quilted white stripes. Once I get the decorative pillow situation figured out and hang art behind the bed, I will reveal! How’s that for a tease. Anyway, I am really in love with the curtains and they are so much easier to use than the stupid doors. To hang them we used a simple shower curtain rod that screws into the walls for more stability. All it took was about an hour (and of course my wonderful mom’s sewing expertise!) and we had a lovely feature that adds a boutique hotel vibe to our room.

The next big change we’ve made is to the horrible light fixtures that we inherited. I can’t lament over these enough. We affectionately referred to the two we had as “the lantern” and “scarface.” The lantern was hanging in our dining room and seriously looked like it belonged in a New England beach shanty. When the light was on, it cast these really weird shadows on the walls and was just all around ugly. Scarface was this horrible product of the 80s, a brass and acrylic (no, not even glass) nightmare. It was blindingly bright when turned on and had NOTHING redeeming about it. This is what it looked like.

I’ll wait for you to finish shuddering.

After searching for modern fixtures that fit in our (meager) budget, we settled on two replacements that really fit the spaces better and match the look and feel we are going for. Up first, the lantern.

These were also taken pre-blinds I guess. The airiness of the fixture is great since that room is not very big and the lantern was really overpowering. It has made a huge difference in the feel of them room, even with the old farmhouse style table and chairs (hopefully to be updated shortly as well).

The biggest change is Scarface’s replacement. I don’t have a picture of it hanging because really that is just grotesque. Here’s the new look!

I have pretty much been obsessed with the artichoke light…forever. It was once thing I immediately knew I wanted to change in our house and I’m so glad we stuck to it. It’s Mid-Century Modern to the max! It looks really amazing against the gray of the entryway and shines the perfect amount of light when lit, unlike the blinding force of the scar. One thing that was at first daunting is that you have to build it yourself. All those little  white leaves (?) come flat and you have to fold them and piece them together. I honestly felt like I was in school again! It turned out great and it makes us smile everyday!

So there are the main changes we’ve made. Little projects can and do make a big difference while you’re saving up for the big endeavors (like a lower level remodel…) A last little bit of fun I had this weekend…decorating with flowers and Fiesta!

Like the new sidetable? I got it for free (!) and spray painted the bamboo bright yellow. Love the shape and how the new color really makes it un-Grandma-y!

Does anyone else have some fun and small Spring home projects to share?



April 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Eric and I have an announcement!

For the past few weeks, we’ve put wedding planning on hold (except for the engagement outing) because … we’ve been looking at houses!

And we found one!

chez nous

ignore the pick up truck. it was the inspector's.

Never a couple to pass on $8,000, we started looking as soon as we knew we’d be ok financially to do so. We had discussed renting for awhile, but we just felt that if we’re going to be paying to live somewhere, we should be paying our own mortgage, not someone else’s. And sorry Mom and Dad, but it’s time. It’s a super cute bi-level in a great neighborhood in Anderson. 3 bed, 2 bath, you know the deal. Pretty awesome starter home. Here’s a virtual tour (minus a few bedrooms, a bath, and the family room that walks out to the deck). Sorry it’s incomplete, my camera’s battery died a quick, painless death.


living room

dining room. sorry for the blur

kitchen. duh.

master bedroom. bored of my captions yet?

master bath

backyard. where will my veggie garden grow?

party anyone?


So despite the desperate need of COLOR and style, it’s a great house with minimal work that needs to be done. The rest is only what my designer brain can dream up. Trust me, the construction and design projects this summer will be so. much. fun. Volunteers?

There may even be a google document that lists room by room what I want to do … may be.

We close on May 26th!!!


engagement shoot

April 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

Saturday morning E and I got up early and headed to Covington to do our engagement shoot! We (I?) really wanted to do this to get to know how our photographer works before the big day, as well as have some cute portraits of us. It was pretty cold, but a ton of fun! Our photographer is pretty awesome and a total blast to hang around with. Good thing since come October we’ll be spending 7+ hours together!

Here’s a look:

holding hands

au café

we're so model-y



eric's face makes me giggle


omg it's edward and bella

and one of my faves from the day:

love ❤

I think she did a great job capturing our personalities and making us look pretty! We have about 90 pics so if you want to see more of them, email me and I’ll send you the link and login info! Until next time…


pictures from kristina + matt’s wedding

April 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding two weeks ago. As you can see, things deteriorated quickly after the ones we took before the ceremony 😉 If you want to see more, look at Lyn’s Shutterfly!

glamour shotz

genna is always the star of the show

gangster cousins. really guys?

clearly this was a theme.


mark, chris, meredith, kt, e, lyn. the fam.

umm creepy moon.

Looks like we had fun! Until next time,


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