happy new year!

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Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great end to 2011 and is looking forward to a joyful and love-filled 2012.

E and I started our night at Music Hall to see E’s dad play with the CSO. Every year they do a concert and special gala and since I started listening to the classical station in the car (short story: I hate all of Cincinnati’s radio stations, thus I listen to classical because there are no commercials and occasionally I learn something about animals from the ’90 second naturalist’ segment’) I knew all about the concert, but never thought E would go. But it was so fun! They played a few pieces from operas and operettas (not my favorite) and ended with several jazz numbers (my favorite). I think we saw E’s dad play in about two of the songs. I guess it was an easy gig!

Music Hall is so pretty and it was a nice date. Even nicer was the people watching. Whoa. Because of the gala, you can see people in anything and everything. Fur. Ball gowns. Tuxes. We were nowhere that dressed up, but maybe someday. What girl doesn’t want an excuse to get all dolled up?

We then went to a friend’s party and proceeded to have too much food and drink…per usual for new years! Needless to say, today has been laaaaazy. The only time we’ve been out of the house was when I took Nico on a walk. It’s been like a mini vacation for a day.

As for 2012 resolutions? Last year I made a whole list of goals that never really were achieved except for saving money and keeping the house cleaner. This year, instead of trying to force things to happen, I want to relax and focus on creating balance in all parts of our life.

That pretty much sums it up completely. I want more out of 2012. Happy New Year!


book club: the sweetness

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Sorry for the delay. I have a million excuses, but RL kicked my butt and work got in the way and that is so super boring.

It’s no secret that I love reading. I devour books. I got a nook from Barnes & Noble for Christmas in 2009 and it might be one of my favorite gifts ever. It’s always exciting to me to discover new characters that really get inside your head and open you up to new worlds or help you realize something new about the one we’re in now. I could try to do a favorite books post, but I don’t know how I could narrow it down. Honestly.

When I was living with the rents, my favorite morning was the day that the New York Times Bestseller Lists were published in the Enquirer. I liked getting ideas for what I could read next, though I confess I usually only looked at the fiction list. What can I say? I like to live in a fantasy. One day I found the title The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie which just sounds hilarious. And weird. I had no idea what it was about, but I was intrigued enough that when I got the nook, I put it on my wish list. And there it has sat for a year or so.

{source: Barnes and Noble}

Until a week ago.

Last week I went to Florida for my company’s annual conference and a mini vacation to visit the Sparks-France home. I hate flying so I’m always sure to bring extra reading material and a million distractions from the fact that I am inatubeflyingintheairwithtonsofpeople and it’salongwaytotheground…Ahem. I finally picked this one to accompany me. And it is brilliant. So much in fact, that I read it in a few days, bought the sequel, also read it in a few days, and am currently on number three in the series.

The book’s narrator and main character is Flavia de Luce, an ingenious and beguiling 11 year old chemist with a knack for finding herself in the middle of murder investigations. With two mean older sisters, a deceased mother, and an absent stamp-collecting father, she finds her self-worth through using her rationality to solve these puzzles in her English countryside village. The series is set post-World War II and is full of amazingly rich and accurate historical details. She’s a complex character and I love the idea of a child voice experiencing and dictating these adult situations.

E says I just love anything with a series, but it’s really more than that in this case (it’s at least not young adult, right?)! I am not ready to give up this character!!!

If you like creative murder mysteries and historical fiction, pick this one!

kt inspiration: kate spade

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As a designer, I find inspiration from many different places – other designers, interiors, event design, fashion, music, photography/fine art. But I really love it when I can find different facets of inspiration from one source. Enter today’s source: Kate Spade.

If I could have one person dress me for the rest of my life, it would be Kate Spade. Her “about page” says it all: utility, wit and playful sophistication. Her motto of sorts this year is “live colorfully,” which I love. It’s such a designer-y way of saying “live boldly,” or, “live passionately,” but it really speaks to me. Not to mention that each month this year, they will pick a new color to “live.” I really love it.

You could say I have a girl crush.

I noticed a week or two ago, this little treasure:

source: kate spade

It’s a little “book” on the site that is so adorably designed (how great is the magenta page with the ampersand? I would totally frame that.) It got me thinking about what sort of mood boards I could divine from the theme of “living colorfully.” I’ll post one board here, and present the others tomorrow. Just for giggles.

The first here is probably the most obvious when it comes to Kate Spade and what she designs, though it might be my favorite right now. Inspired by Miss B, I am feeling this urge to create a personal style for myself as an adult. Sadly, it’s time to leave college “style” behind. I’m purging what doesn’t work for me anymore, and only buying what feels right and feels like it is the clothing of the girl I want to be. This part is obviously very personal, as I know no one has exactly the same taste in fashion, but I love the playful sophistication (with a hint of Mad Men vintage) in this mood board:

source: kate spade and style me pretty

I love the simple, classic clothing mixed with bright and whimsical accessories like the colorful tights and enamel flower pins. The owl purse had me at hello. What I also love about this is that though some pieces are “on trend” (read: tights), most are timeless and perfect in their proportions, thus, can be worn and remixed for seasons without looking staid. So though I can’t afford Kate Spade (tear), I have begun to think about these looks as I shop. Most recently, I found this adorable blue color-blocked dress and bright, lemon yellow sweater that fit perfectly in this theme. Though not at the same time.

That might be living too colorfully.

Until tomorrow…kt


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It is totally normal to go home from work on a Tuesday night, blare Christmas music, make peppermint bark in your pajamas, and end the kitchen endeavors with your first attempt at meatballs. All while dancing.

Thank God we got those blinds.

inspiration #5

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Hi all,

Things are moving along here swimmingly (if only if would stop raining long enough for us to get back on our bikes!) Not a whole lot has gone on on the wedding front, mostly because we did so much so quickly in the beginning. Just odds and ends now; dj’s, ceremony music, table linens, bridesmaids dresses, hotel blocks … So it’s not surprising that lately my inspiration boards have been looking a lot more like this:

modern whimsy.

than this:

These pictures, by the way, are from my fabulous photographer who was featured on Style Me Pretty, a huge bridal inspiration blog. Awesome for her!

These inspiration images actually tie together quite nicely … they are very modern and clean in design, yet are full of unexpected pops of color and vintage pieces that make you smile. It’s the look that I’m really loving for my home design because it’s just so happy. It feels very well designed, yet it’s not so clean that it feels sterile and unapproachable and yet it’s not so comfortable that it’s full of overstuffed park-a-loungers (no offense if that’s what you love. to each his own. it’s just not me.)

ps- How cool are those striped plates?!? LOVE.


inspiration #4

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First order of business: Sorry we haven’t been around. Not much planning activity has occurred in a few weeks and I just got back from a quick trip to Orlando to run race have fun in Disney World with Amanda. Fun definitely was had and I am thankful I no longer have to pretend I was in training. (I’ll post pics soon – and don’t worry Amanda, you’ll have them this weekend!)

Anyway, tomorrow is a fun planning activity, probably the one I was most looking forward to of all the planning activities (minus the dress, of course.)

The Cake!

Oh, I love cake. I believe it is the breakfast of champions, the perfect complement to coffee. Though it can also count as the lunch, dinner, snack, or dessert of said champions too. Not that I would know.

Like many things about the wedding, the cake is something I had clear-cut ideas about. It was going to be a funky, colorful, fondant-covered masterpiece with uneven layers and really graphic designs.

Exhibits A through C:

And like so many things about the wedding, what I thought I wanted is in fact, not what I want at all.

While I appreciate that these are interesting and very beautiful, they’re leaving me a bit cold. It somehow doesn’t feel like me and Eric at all! Plus, I wouldn’t want to put my lovely owl cake toppers on top of these modern marvels would I?

While researching everything wedding, the cake comes up a lot. Now-a-days, it seems there’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to the cake. You can choose something modern like those above. You can choose cupcakes. You can choose to not have cake. You can choose pie. You can choose candies or cookies or whatever.

You can also choose white.

Never in a million years would I think I wanted a white buttercream wedding cake. How boring! I would’ve retorted.

Exhibit D:

Lovely. Exhibit E:

Bad picture (from a mag) but … swoon.

I think my little owls will look right at home! Now where can I ride my bike tomorrow after cake fest 2010?



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Is fun. And lots of work. I am pooped.

Details will come later, after I’m recovered.


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