about kt + e

about kt:
kt is a graphic designer. she loves to read and wishes she could write well. she also wishes she could ride her bike as fast as e. kt loves puppies and fall. it’s her favorite season, even though it means that every saturday she is excited forced to watch lsu football. she would rather be in wine country.

about e:
e studied forensic psychology, but now works in insurance. he loves lsu. really. probably just as much, if not more than, kt. e also loves wine country and wants to start a winery+brewery+bike shop there someday.

how did these two meet?
kt + e met in high school. well, technically kt was in high school and e was starting college. it was at summer camp. they wished on the same star. they both wished for a kiss.

after dating for awhile and going to one super awesome homecoming dance, they split up for awhile. kt thinks e forgot about her when he started college. e maintains he did not. the jury’s still out.

skip ahead two years and these two were still friends. e liked to take kt out on fun dates every few months. she liked that too. in october of 2005, e started asking kt out more often and they decided to officially date on the 29th.

since then, they have weathered a lot. bad vacations. bad apartments (+roommates.) long distance. etc. but mostly they’ve laughed and smiled and loved for 5 years. now they bought a house and got a dog. life is good for kt + e.

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