kt + e diy: surprise!

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

While taking down the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, look what we found!

Shudder. Any guesses on the decade this is from?

I just love that they took down the wallpaper all around the mirror. Who knows what will be behind the light!


kt + e diy: bathroom before

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

This weekend E and I have begun a remodel of our horrid hall bathroom. While this is a supposedly quick fix (meaning we’re not touching the floors or tile or vanity…those are, uh, a little out of budget currently) it seems to be taking forever already.

Backing up, I will explain how horrible this room was. It was just so bad. Sure it was functional and clean (once we replaced the nasty cushioned toilet seat,) but it was so plain and full of stock materials. Example A:

Stock vanity with no hardware, gross stained faucet, poorly painted white walls, curved medicine cabinet and coordinating light fixture…seriously? Someone thought it was a good idea to make that?!? In addition, the attempts at details were either ugly or in disrepair. Example B:

Brass and chrome? Ugh.

So we’re redoing it. We started by putting up some chair rail. Or attempting to. We’re not very good at being handy. Next comes tearing everything off the walls and painting. I am most excited about this step. We’re pretty big risk takers when it comes to painting. Our living room and dining room are bright turquoise! So it should be no surprise that we’re going big in this makeover. Examples:

Stay tuned!

happy new year!

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great end to 2011 and is looking forward to a joyful and love-filled 2012.

E and I started our night at Music Hall to see E’s dad play with the CSO. Every year they do a concert and special gala and since I started listening to the classical station in the car (short story: I hate all of Cincinnati’s radio stations, thus I listen to classical because there are no commercials and occasionally I learn something about animals from the ’90 second naturalist’ segment’) I knew all about the concert, but never thought E would go. But it was so fun! They played a few pieces from operas and operettas (not my favorite) and ended with several jazz numbers (my favorite). I think we saw E’s dad play in about two of the songs. I guess it was an easy gig!

Music Hall is so pretty and it was a nice date. Even nicer was the people watching. Whoa. Because of the gala, you can see people in anything and everything. Fur. Ball gowns. Tuxes. We were nowhere that dressed up, but maybe someday. What girl doesn’t want an excuse to get all dolled up?

We then went to a friend’s party and proceeded to have too much food and drink…per usual for new years! Needless to say, today has been laaaaazy. The only time we’ve been out of the house was when I took Nico on a walk. It’s been like a mini vacation for a day.

As for 2012 resolutions? Last year I made a whole list of goals that never really were achieved except for saving money and keeping the house cleaner. This year, instead of trying to force things to happen, I want to relax and focus on creating balance in all parts of our life.

That pretty much sums it up completely. I want more out of 2012. Happy New Year!

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