a little late…

February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

but a last minute add to my homage to Kate Spade.

It’s no secret I also have a love for our fabulous first lady. I think she’s pretty awesome. And her style is no exception. She effortlessly matches designer goods with ready-to-wear from J Crew and other clothes real people can buy!


Sorry for the horrible screen shot, but how adorable is she? And how Kate Spade-y does she look? I love the black-and-white polkas (from H&M no less) and the mix of red and sunny yellow accessories.


PS – I promise this will be my last Kate Spade post. Ok, I can’t promise that forever. But for now. It’s a deal.


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§ 2 Responses to a little late…

  • KP says:

    OK, I had to google because on my TV that dress looked like a navy blue polka dot dress… And I just couldn’t decide about the two contrasting color pops… I thought if it had been a black polka dot dress I would have liked it more. Stylite says it was navy. I think I was mostly just bothered by the fact that I couldn’t tell. One of those things that to me probably would’ve been better in person.


  • kt says:

    That’s interesting. It had never occurred to me that it might be navy, but I see your point. I think I would like it either way!

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