the story of the blinds

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today is a glorious day in the life of kt + e (though let’s be honest, e only cares about his new tv and sound system right now).

Today is the day we (finally) get rid of the vertical blinds.

For the fast few months our home has been plagued by these tacky, disgusting 80’s horrors. I hate them. All vertical blinds. They are wrong. You can see them here. We hated them so much we ripped them down in every room but the bedrooms. Better to be blind-less than to be blinded by their ugliness, I always say.

I have lamented these vertical monstrosities since we moved in. I wanted to replace them the day we moved in, but sadly financing dictated a slower timeline. Not only are they incredibly ugly (have I mentioned this enough?) but they are also broken. Example: In our bedroom, several panels on the end are missing so we are blinded by the sun every morning in this nice little strip. Also, it is very hard to either open them to the sides or tilt them, rendering them functionless. Lovely. We scored an amazingly generous Lowe’s gift card (Thanks Lyn!) for the wedding and I think the beautiful wood plantation blinds (with extra light control for us sleepyheads) were ordered not even a week later. They were delivered a week or so ago, and today is the day they go up.

I can’t wait to go home!


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