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I was going to do another post about our Florida trip, hence the “part one,” but I’m a bit Christmas-ed out. Maybe I’ll revisit in a year. Maybe not. THE ANTICIPATION WILL DRIVE YOU MAD.


christmas in florida – part one

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Last weekend Eric and I had the happy opportunity to go to sunny Orlando for our friends’ wedding. Though Amanda and Josh had already tied the knot a year or so ago, they wanted to have an “official” celebration with their friends and family. We took the chance to have a “mini-honeymoon” since we never took one after our celebration in October.

First of all, can I say how awesome it was to be warm in December. It was glorious.

After a treacherous hour+ ride to the airport in “snow emergency level one” conditions (we left 3 hours before the flight and at one point seriously thought we weren’t going to make it) e and I found our seats, sat in de-icing for awhile, and were off. We splurged for this trip and decided to stay in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It was so adorable and was probably the only thing that felt “Christmas-y” among the palm trees. We even had bunk beds in our room!

Thursday night was the combined bachelor/bachelorette party. At Epcot. It involved drinking. And going around the world. You get the picture. Which is good, because I have no decent pictures since my camera has recently decided it never wants to take focused pictures. The night ended at a dueling piano bar with renditions of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Eric’s request, “Come Together.” Good times.

Since we were staying on Disney property, we decided that Friday would be spent exploring the other resorts to see all the holiday decorations. Here’s the highlight:

Yes friends, that’s a lifesize gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian. Well to be fair, the top right photo is of some random human-sized birdcage I thought was cool. Everything is food-based. The Mickey on the sugar window is chocolate. The poinsettias are icing. Pretty cool. It takes them over two months to bake and decorate everything.

See! Lifesize!

The next day was the wedding, which sadly, I have few pictures of. It was a rainy, rainy morning. Seriously pouring. Which for a bride planning an outdoor wedding was stressful, I’m sure. The ceremony went off without a hitch and we were off to Epcot for the reception at a banquet room in The Living Seas, the aquarium attraction complete with Nemo and Dory.

Have I mentioned yet that this wedding was “pirate themed?”

I haven’t?

Well, it was. We wore costumes. The reception had pirate-y things like a treasure chest and food with names like “Elisabeth Swann’s Raspberry Coulis.” Fancy.

Fave part? The scuba divers in the aquarium dancing with us.

Again, sorry for the blur. Blame the camera.

Does anyone know where I can find an Ariel tree topper?



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It is totally normal to go home from work on a Tuesday night, blare Christmas music, make peppermint bark in your pajamas, and end the kitchen endeavors with your first attempt at meatballs. All while dancing.

Thank God we got those blinds.

the story of the blinds

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Today is a glorious day in the life of kt + e (though let’s be honest, e only cares about his new tv and sound system right now).

Today is the day we (finally) get rid of the vertical blinds.

For the fast few months our home has been plagued by these tacky, disgusting 80’s horrors. I hate them. All vertical blinds. They are wrong. You can see them here. We hated them so much we ripped them down in every room but the bedrooms. Better to be blind-less than to be blinded by their ugliness, I always say.

I have lamented these vertical monstrosities since we moved in. I wanted to replace them the day we moved in, but sadly financing dictated a slower timeline. Not only are they incredibly ugly (have I mentioned this enough?) but they are also broken. Example: In our bedroom, several panels on the end are missing so we are blinded by the sun every morning in this nice little strip. Also, it is very hard to either open them to the sides or tilt them, rendering them functionless. Lovely. We scored an amazingly generous Lowe’s gift card (Thanks Lyn!) for the wedding and I think the beautiful wood plantation blinds (with extra light control for us sleepyheads) were ordered not even a week later. They were delivered a week or so ago, and today is the day they go up.

I can’t wait to go home!


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“Sleigh Ride” is the best Christmas song. Ever.

Also, I really hate winter. Why did we buy a house in Cincinnati? I would pack up and leave for warmer climates in a heartbeat if not for that 30-year-debt thing.


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I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing. May? Seriously?

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