the old adventures of kt + e episode 1: midnite oil

April 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought something fun to do would be to go back through out 4+ years of dating and tell some of the funny or memorable moments we’ve had as a couple. Just so all of you can get to know us better before the wedding or maybe it’s just a way for me to document our history so when we start to lose our minds we can come back here in 50 years and remember. (Just an fyi: as I’m posting this, I have a head cold that is making me feel alternately like I’ve been hit by a bus and like I’m floating, so if it doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll fix it … sometime.)

The adventure I’m going to start with is close to our minds right now because we relived it last weekend. This story is called Midnite Oil.

The first year E and I were dating (my sophomore year of school, E’s … whatever year in school) we decided to go to Orlando on spring break because we could get a free time share from one of our friends. We went with two other couples we were close with at the time. E and I decided to take a small detour on this trip, and went to Tallahassee on the way down to see a concert (that we never saw, but that’s another story). That meant we drove by ourselves, a fact that is important later on in the story.

Once we got to Orlando, it was an interesting vacation. Let’s just say we had some strong personalities in this group. Strong personalities that clashed. A lot. There were some really great moments on that trip … we went to Disney World, we relaxed at the pool for days, we may or may not have consumed margaritas out of large kitchen objects like Pyrex measuring bowls … but it wasn’t really a great trip. By the end, Eric and both just wanted to get home and we were both feeling a bit rough around the edges because it was the first big test our relationship took (and barely passed).

So thankfully, we had a long trip ahead of us without anyone else. I don’t think we can stress enough how glad we were that we drove by ourselves (considering now we’re only friends with one of the people who went on this trip). I started driving us home before dawn and I was tired. By the time we made it to Tennessee area I was finishing my driving leg and was exhausted. We pulled off I-75 to get gas and breakfast at this tiny little exit in the middle of nowhere.

Gas was first on the agenda. Midnite Oil, purveyor of the gas my car needed, was on the left.

I moved into the center lane to turn. Or so I thought.

All of a sudden E starts yelling at me frantically, totally freaking out. Apparently, there is no center lane. Or if there is, I missed it completely. I was stopped in oncoming traffic, waiting to turn left. Approaching traffic was, let’s just say, upset or confused. Luckily, the story ends well and we made it to Midnite Oil (and home) in one piece and relationship intact. I distinctly remember getting out of the car, walking to the passenger side door, wrenching it open, and growling yelling that it was his turn to drive. More laughs now.

So now, Midnite Oil provides us with a chuckle every time I do something wrong driving (don’t worry Mom, it’s not too often).

It provided us a big chuckle on Sunday when we were coming home from Atlanta. Look where we randomly stopped:

Midnite Oil

pure awesomeness.

No close calls this time, thankfully. Midnite Oil curses us no more!



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