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January 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

As a designer and an avid tv watcher, one of my favorite shows is amc’s Mad Men. I can’t get enough of it (and now E even likes it too!) The story line and dialogue are witty, the character development is rich, and the visual are nothing less than stunning from week to week. No matter what darkness hides under the glamour of the time, the world of Mad Men is full of glamour, elegance, and that certain je ne sais quoi from the perfect little design elements of Don Draper’s office and he secretaries’ lovely wardrobes.

I recently found this inspiration board on The Inspired Bride and fell in love with its concepting based on this vintage appeal.

Aren’t Don and Betty so pretty?

Vintage elements are very popular right now in wedding aesthetic, particularly from the ’50s and ’60s. There’s a certain charm and quaintness to these details that bring class to whatever part of the wedding a bride chooses. One popular element? The dress. How sweet are these?

I love the simple shapes of the dresses’ silhouettes. Another important aesthetic piece for the wedding? The cake. Look at these:

That last one is actually from one of the Mad Men actor’s real wedding! I love Christina Hendricks (aka Joan)!

To round out the vintage reception, here are some other bits and pieces that complete this charming look.

Fancy transportation? Check.

Reception decor details? Check.

Old-fashioned photography details? Check.

You’re all set. Have a swell wedding!


date and location: check

January 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

We have decided on a firm date and location! Clear your calendars for October 30, 2010 when E and I will take the plunge here:

That’s right! The art museum! It’s absolutely perfect and so, so elegant. More pics:

Now don’t expect it to look like that! We’ve got some exciting plans to make this space as original as we are!


taking the non-traditional road

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One of the things that was very important to me was that E and I have fun with this whole wedding project so that we don’t get stressed and we make something that is very “us.” Neither of us are very fancy or formal; our favorite time together is just lounging on the couch reading watching football together. In that kind of relaxed spirit, I’ve been looking at ways to make our wedding original, as well as find parts of the wedding that will create a simple elegance that will go along with our venue (to be announced soon I hope).

I ┬áhave some very crafty bridesmaids. For a bride who wants to do things herself, I think I chose well. Though many things can’t be done by us (cake, music, food, etc.) a lot can, and we have been researching anything and everything wedding to find the best of the best.

1. Flowers
Who knew flowers were so costly? It was shocking. So I asked, how can this be cut? I could do “non-real” flowers as Amanda puts it, but then it just looks like everyone else’s anyway. Then we found this (are you sitting down?):

Umm, those are ribbons. Shortly following this discovery:

Still breathing? That’s ribbon too. Apparently people make flowers from ribbon and fabric and paper all the time. And not just for the bouquets or boutonnieres. For everything.

Headpieces and boutonnieres? Check.

Paper flowers for ceremony decorations and place settings? Check.

Even inexpensive felt is an option:

This has opened a whole new world for me. Yes it means a lot more work for me, my friends and my family, please help, but it adds a completely different feel to the wedding. Imagine some gorgeous ribbon roses mixed with some cute brightly colored felt flowers and some graphic patterned paper? Very shabby chic, casually elegant.

And far from traditional.


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